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Hello there everyone! I’m just popping by to update you on what’s been up for the first part of the year. Those first four months were quite the blur huh? Now it’s the third day of May and our country’s most celebrated boxing superstar, Manny Pacquiao is facing an epic battle later with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Let’s see how much the world wide web will be rocking in a while.

If you’re thinking about my title for this post, I’m basically going through that eternal dialogue I have with myself regarding my multiple blogs. I haven’t been updating this one as frequently as I wanted but I have been updating Lipsticks x Lenses. Now I know I wanted to focus on beauty blogging under that blog but I (we) have been branching out to Travel and Leisure.

Sometimes I even get to attend tech events withΒ Mark that I really want to blog about but would any of you really want to read about a non-techie gal’s input on the latest releases? I still feel like I have things to say you know? I do tend to follow tech news as I have always cared enough to know enough to hold my own in a conversation. IΒ think it’s important to know the basics and be informed on whether a certain new gadget is the latest must-have or if it’s time to upgrade your 2 year old laptop or not. So we’ll see. I’m still not sure where I’m going to blog about tech, maybe I’ll revive Tech Tuesdays here or move it to LXL but that’s part of the questions about my blogging that I currently have. I know I need to make a decision soon.

On the beauty front, I have finally availed of VIP membership from which is just amazing! I’m kinda banging my head on the wall over this one for having waited this long. The welcome gift alone is worth more than the cost of the points I purchased and I have been able to try some cool products for the past month.

I’ll hopefully be able to share about those products in detail aside from the reviews I posted via Sample Room. Do check the site and get your own VIP membership. I promise it’s worth it especially if you love trying out new stuff but don’t want to spend a lot on the full sized product immediately only to find out it doesn’t really work.

I’ve been road testing other new products also but the heat! OMG the heat! I just want to go pack my bags and head to the beach. But I haven’t been able to do so. So. Here I still am lounging in my artificial ventilation and drinking bottle after bottle of water-filled Bobble. And trying my best to get a bit of a workout done….Β 

For now since I haven’t really thought out any concrete solutions or made any “final” decisions, I leave you with this Cara Mia Gelateria goodness.

Stay cool you guys! Figuratively and quite literally! :)



Photo: IHOP-ping – And Yes I’m Blogging Here Again! :)


Late last night… ❀

Hi everyone! :) I’m sharing the love in the photo above, that is a strawberry, banana, and hazelnut crepe. Melt in the mouth goodness from IHOP. SRSLY.

So what am I doing here??

First, I would like to thank you guys for continuing to read A Daily Dose of Katsy even though I have moved to and again to for my beauty blog. I was debating with myself (quite frequently and intensely) on what to do with ADDK but I couldn’t just transfer the content or (horrors!) just delete the entire site. So I thought that hey! why not make this my little daily (and I use this term quite loosely..) outlet for stuff like what I’ve shared on Instagram (in case you don’t follow me but really you can!) or some random thoughts that I would love to share with you guys. No focus really, no heavy formatting, no proofreading (?!), just simple DESIGN | DINE | DO | DREAM | DASH | DAZZLE, which is still basically my life in a nutshell.

Second, hmm I can’t think of a second thing right now so for now, I say goodbye! But this time, I will be back. :)

All the best!


The Cream Factory & Saforelle: Join the #BathRevolution!

The Cream Factory Bath Revolution-08_1
The Cream Factory & Saforelle – join the #BathRevolution!

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely people at Because Inc. invited me to their 2nd Bloggers’ Event at their uber chic HQ.

The Cream Factory & Saforelle - join the #BathRevolution!

I arrived a bit late from the given time but they were just about to start so lucky me :). I was able to attend their first blogger event so I looked forward to this next one because they are always a fun bunch of people to talk to. Plus they said that they had exciting news to share for the 2 brands they carry, The Cream Factory and Saforelle.

The Cream Factory & Saforelle - join the #BathRevolution!

The Cream Factory & Saforelle - join the #BathRevolution!

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The Matte That Started It All: MAC Candy Yum Yum

MAC Candy Yum Yum

Hi everyone! I’ve been sitting on this post for quite a while now so I decided to finally finish it tonight. It might not be super obvious here on my blog that I have embarked on a major lipstick phase because I haven’t posted anything about it (except for the Avon ones) but in reality, I have acquired quite a few in my hopes of finding the perfect three lipsticks for me – the nude, the red, the pink. Hmm.. on second thought, no it’s definitely not the perfect three as there’s still the violet, the coral, and the list goes on and on… Anyway, this particular lipstick I’m reviewing today is my first foray into the world of Matte. I’ve never really gone there you know? Ae always shared her love for matte but I never really understood. I felt that they were too drying and too bold for me that I wouldn’t be able to pull one off. Even though I haven’t really tried a matte lipstick yet, I would always pass up on the chance as I have perpetually dry lips and I was 100% sure that the look would never work on me.


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